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Civil War Battles: Bull Run

civil War Battles: Bull Run

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civil War Battles: Bull Run

This game covers the Battle of Bull Run in full, featuring the whole battle as a single mission, focus missions. Bull Run recreates the first major battle of the American Civil War between the Union and Confederate armies. Take command of an Union army of Northeast Virginia or the Confederate army of Potomac and Shenandoah and engage in the largest battle fought on American soil to date. Home Learn Civil War Battles Bull Run. On July 17th, McDowell sent a small force across Bull Run at Blackburn's Ford to test the Confederate defenses.

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This game covers the Battle of Bull Run in full, featuring the whole battle as a single mission, focus missions recreating significant points in the fighting such as Henry House Hill, and missions covering the smaller engagements in the run up to the battle. Sherman, crossed at an unguarded ford and struck the right flank of the Confederate defenders. This article is about the American Civil War battle. Both sides quickly came to realize that the war would be longer and more brutal than they had thought. Southern United States was fought on July 21, 1861, near.

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