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The Death Penalty in the united states

the Death Penalty in the united states

the death penalty is still effective or necessary in the modern world. While more states continued to abolish the death penalty, some made more crimes capital offenses, especially those committed by slaves. Consequently, your team will decide the fate of the death penalty with an intense well researched debate with the topic, The death penalty should continue in the United States. The state tried pumping gas into his cell while he slept but this proved to be unsuccessful and the gas chamber was constructed. Based on the research gathered during the Webquest, the debate, and ensuing following up discussions, the students will prepare a persuasive letter answering the question, Should the death penalty continue to be enforced in the United States? A few states use other methods though. This is more prevalent in cases where the crime committed is especially heinous, such as those committed by Charles Manson.

The 1930s had more execution than any other decade in the.S., with an average of 167 executions annually. Thus this powerful debate has led to countless national protests and international disagreements as this topic is without a grey area. They also began building state penitentiaries. Nine states still use electrocution. Numbers only continued to drop with 191 executions between 196-76.