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Beowulf and Gilgamesh

beowulf and Gilgamesh

is named for its hero, Gilgamesh, a tyrannical Babylonian the Roles of I - 330 king who ruled the city of Uruk, known in the Bible as Erech (now Warka, Iraq). The epics of Gilgamesh and Beowulf are stories of heroism and immortality gained through fame. The tale revolves around a legendary hero named Gilgamesh (Bilgames in Sumerian who was said to be the king of the Sumerian city of Uruk. Epic heroes are heroes known in legends and stories for their warrior characters and their fight to uphold their societies in times of war. Continue Reading, please join StudyMode to read the full document. Another heroic value Beowulf possessed was his tendancy to put the welfare of others before his own. As a reader can see, Gilgamesh is one of impeccable abilities and skills.

When the two travelers return to Uruk, Ishtar (guardian deity of the city) proclaims her love for the heroic. They were both in a position of high honor and power. Works cited Jackson, Danny. Beowulf is described as a perfect hero who fights for his people and vanquishes evil with his extraordinary abilities to bring peace and justice. As Gilgamesh went on into battle, he went in wearing full armor and wielding weapons, but Beowulf chose to enter his first fight wearing nothing at all and wielding no weapon.

Gilgamesh fought numerous battles that were considered impossible to win. After killing Humbaba the goddess Ishtar sends The Bull of Heaven to destroy Gilgamesh. Fame and glory have been the most admirable characteristics in the middle Ages and even before Christ in the ancient civilizations. During both Beowulf and Gilgamesh, the settings are recognizable because of their similarities and differences between the scenes of the characters.

His father is identified as Lugalbanda, king of Uruk, and his mother is the wise cow goddess Ninsun. He was the powerful king of Uruk who went on a long, hard, and physical journey to achieve his number one goal, which was immortality. Gilgamesh arrives and kills Humbaba with a sword given to him by the god Shamash. The poem describes the adventures of Beowulf, a Scandinavian warrior of the sixth century. Ask our professional writer! The texts I used in the comparison are. The Epic of Gilgamesh opens up with a description of the all-mighty Gilgamesh, "Surpassing all kings, powerful and tall beyond all others, violent, splendid, and wild bull of man, unvanquished leader, hero in the front lines, beloved by his soldiers (Mitchell,. Shulgi claimed Lugalbanda as his father and Gilgamesh as his brother. The aim of the main characters, Beowulf and Gilgamesh, is to be a good warrior by being courageous, respectful and prudent, a protector and servant to their king (only in the beginning of Beowulf, as he later becomes king and Gilgamesh already is) and their. Comparative English Essay, compare the Beowulf poet's presentation of the battles with Grendel and his mother with the Gilgamesh poet's depiction of Gilgamesh' battles with Huwawa and the Bull of Heaven. The gods punish Gilgamesh for killing the demon humbaba and the bull of heaven.

Essay on, the Epic of Gilgamesh versus The Who You Are: Lessons from Beowulf and Gilgamesh, owlcation