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Americans On Voter Apathy

americans On Voter Apathy

to realize that one voice does make a difference. An uninformed, politically uneducated public is a dangerous one because that public easily becomes apathetic. However, one of the most simple and necessary elements of a democracy is the reliance on active participation in the government by a majority of the population. By educating students and the public about the value of the system, the education system could help combat apathy. Most people when questioned about their vote related that they were more against Gore and the Clinton administration than they were for Bush, and the reasons were more over moral behavior than policy making. If the participants are not influenced to be active, the system fails. How often do you hear young adults say, I did not vote because I dont feel as if my vote would count.

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Of, americans who have claimed they. The Boomer share of the. From 'The Heat' July 21, 2012 - cctv's Nina Donaghy sets out to find out why there is so much voter apathy in the. Contributed greatly to, american voter apathy, but an even. Are looking for in democracy.

In addition, if more young adults took an interest, politicians would be forced to listen. Social change is an ongoing in most societies A society that is stagnant often suffers from a social order that is too stable. Apathy involves people either being content with their current status and the world around them, or being ignorant to those same surroundings. Rather than give one of these politicians who are only seen as the better of two evils a vote, they choose not to vote at all. Because of new technology the parties can now get very accurate information on which citizens vote and attempt to sway their while nonvoters are ingored because they are less likey to vote in the first place. If the nation would listen to the educated people of the country instead of listening to the media, then the nation would be a whole lot better in terms of economics, welfare, war, and our society in general. The Fight for the Muslim Vote: The British Election. Their frustration with their choices results in them becoming apathetic and in his essay Toward A Theory of Revolution, Davies says that revolutions need both a period of rising expectations and a succeeding period in which there are frustrated qualities (Primis 205). As Americans, we must similarities And Differences In Windows 2000 And Unix do something about voter apathy because not only does voting allow us to be active in the political process, it enables us to fulfill our civic duty and exert our political influence. Ironically, it is the senior citizens who are the more politically informed, and who vote in the greatest numbers. Thus, young adults must have faith in the system and increase the number of young voters. By getting the vote out, we voice our opinions on important issues.

americans On Voter Apathy

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