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I talked more quickly -more vehemently; but the noise steadily increased. And then when my head was well in the room I undid the lantern cautiously - oh, so cautiously - cautiously..
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The great ziggurat of Ur - Nammu

the great ziggurat of Ur - Nammu

the residential and commercial quarters of the city. Anu District, the great Anu district is older than the Eanna district; however, few remains of writing have been found here. These excavations were continued from 1922 to 1934 by a joint expedition of the British Museum and the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania under the direction of the British archaeologist Sir Leonard Woolley.

Online Available at: seum/sites/iraq/?page_id65 Wikipedia, 2014. A last feature described in the reconstruction of the Temple was the presence of a system of shallow bitumen-coat conduits, which ran from southeast to southwest of the edge of the terrace and entered the Temple. Noldeke, Ernst Heinrich, and. Unlike the Eanna district, the Anu district consists of a single massive terrace, the Anu Ziggurat, dedicated to the Sumerian sky god,. The site of Uruk was discovered in 1849 by William Kennett Loftus who led the first excavations from 1850 to 1854. Our temple is destroyed.

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