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From her appearance and behavior, to her political and religious views, there is much to tell about the Wife of Bath, for her prologue and tale are quite long. The prolific Edith..
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Literature Essay - Othello

literature Essay - Othello

research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Iago is Othello s friend, but turns on him because Othello promoted Michael Cassio to lieutenant. Literary Villains: Iago and Krogstad. Roderigo becomes Iago's purse, Cassio is simply a handsome, noble man who can be used to make Othello jealous, and Othello himself is As tenderly led by the nose/ As asses are (1163). Iago tells to Othello every man who is married has an unfaithful wife. This speech reveals Iago to have an incredibly materialistic and conceited nature, as he reduces everyone mentioned to an object easily capable of manipulation. At the mention of the handkerchief, Emilia confesses O thou dull Moor! Iago speaks to Cassio, not about Desdemona, but about Bianca, because Othello couldnt hear what Iago and Cassio said, but could only see Cassios face.

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literature Essay - Othello

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Othello is not easily provoked into jealousy as he states one not easily jealous, but when Iago starts to influence him with the hannibal of Carthage: The Father of Strategy fact that Desdemona is having an affair, Othello easily identifies the possible reasons that could cause Desdemona to have an affair. To sum up, Emilia is important because of the relationships she builds with other characters in the play, more importantly with Desdemona, which Iago exploits to use to his advantage and her unknowing help of stealing the handkerchief plays a critical role in his scheme. Stealing the handkerchief is not only a dramatic moment in Othello, but a very important one, too. Search Term Papers, College. Her loveless marriage with Iago is the mirror image of Desdemona and Othellos relationship.

Firstly its his colour: for I am black he feels distrusted and incompetent as he compares himself to Cassio, who he believes is the one Desdemona admires more than a Moor. Did you say with Cassio? Iago stabs Emilia and escapes.

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