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Orange is the New Black, orange is the New Black is another premium Netflix original series. From the mind of David Fincher, the show is about Francis Underwood, a democratic congressmen from..
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Friends may call Saturday (May 9th) from 1 to.m. Angiers son, Loftus Perkins, had inherited the familys engineering ability and, in 1865, crowned his fathers achievement by taking out a patent for..
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Cruelty of Animal Testing

cruelty of Animal Testing

small intestine) and stomach cancer. For example, many companies choose to use in vitro testing, which has many advantages over animal testing. Although every drug and procedure must now be tested on animals before hitting the market, this does not mean that animal studies are invaluable, irreplaceable, or even of minor importance of that alternative methods could not have been used. The most widely used lethal dose is 50(LD50) tests were developed in 1927(peta, tests). The Department of Defense spent about 180 billion on experiments using 553,000 animals in 1993.

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cruelty of Animal Testing

There is no need to have rabbits be exposed to the different chemicals(peta, experimentation). The non-animal test results have in fact proved themselves more accurate and less expensive than those involving animal cruelty (peta factsheet).

Animal Factories in America
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At the end of the test, the molars are removed and looked at under a microscope. This wasnt a typo. Based on statistics from 2013, 67,772 dogs and 24,221 cats were used in animal testing in the United States alone that year. The cells attach to the mesh and grow around it, like a vine in a garden. Lethal Dose 50 refers to the lethal dose that is required to kill 50 of all animals in a test group of 40-200. Baboons that carry backpacks to monitor postmodernism and Sally Potter stress are among 450 primates on the seventh floor.

cruelty of Animal Testing

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