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Key factors:.) nearly all Southerners wanted to be big-time owners;.) a rental system developed where large owners rented slaves to small owners. These are transaction costs, fiscal costs, and the effects of..
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Crash, whatever you do, don't go into the light! So you end up making regular commits and people can see the work you're doing. Fundamental symptoms appear in change of personality, in..
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Weapons and Technology in World Wars

weapons and Technology in World Wars

could fire up to 22 three-inch shells per minute, with a range of 1,200 yards. Starvation and malnutrition continued to take the lives of German adults and children for years after the war. The air war of World War I continues to fascinate as much as it did at the time. Additional resources: "World War I in Photos. The Allies soon armed their airplanes the same way, and war in the air became a deadly business. All sides used gas frequently by 1918. Little Willie only drove three mph and could not move across the trenches.

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This proved necessary because the main railways were too slow and the roads were either destroyed or in rough condition. However, chlorine gas proved tricky to use. Was the first to use railway guns during the. American Civil War, Germany was the first to use them in World War. Once Anthony Fokker developed a method to synchronize a machine guns fire with the rotation of the propeller, the airplane became a true weapon.

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