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Pesher Habakkuk of the Dead Sea Scrolls

pesher Habakkuk of the Dead Sea Scrolls

the Teacher has directly communed with God and received the true meaning of the scriptures. 1, contents, description edit, physical edit, the scroll is roughly 141 centimetres (56 in) from end to end, with thirteen columns of, herodian script written on two pieces of leather, sewn together with linen thread. (General reading on the Dead Sea Scrolls in general, their discovery, and contents) Elliger, Karl. G., The Qumran Commentary on Habakkuk. However, the tetragrammaton, the four-letter, ineffable name of God, is written in ancient Hebrew characters, unlike the rest of the text. The Commentary on Habakkuk (Pesher Habakkuk, 1QpHab is a relative complete scroll (1.48 m long) and one of the seven original Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in caves of Qumran in 1947. He affirms that his community will not die at the hands of the wicked Judah. The scriptural text of Habakkuk on which the commentary is based, however, appears to be at variance from time to time with the Masoretic text.

2 The Teacher has not yet been successfully identified with any historical figure, though Robert Eisenman justifies this identification as James the Just in his 1997 book with that title. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2000,.647 a b c d Wise, Michael., Martin. The Dead Sea Habakkuk Scroll The Annual of Leeds University Oriental Society I (1958/59 5-24. Soon after its discovery ( 1947 ) it was acquired by Hebrew University. The Ancient Library cannibis, Shoud It be Legalised? of Qumran. Translation, of the Entire Pesher, directory, the Great Isaiah Scroll. 2 Comparison with the Common Hebrew Text (Masoretic Text) edit What is even more significant than the commentary in the pesher is the"d text of Habakkuk itself. It interprets the first two chapters of the biblical book of the prophet Habakkuk and comprises 13 columns written in Hebrew, in a clear, square Herodian script. Unlike the others, this name is attributed only to a couple of historical figures, the most likely candidate being a supposedly Sadducean relative to Aristobulus II, named Absalom.