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The Franco Regime

the Franco Regime

his authority. It set forth the social policy of the regime, and it stressed the mutual obligations of the state and its citizens: all Spaniards had the duty to work, and the state was to assure them the right to work. The armed forces gave his regime security; the Roman Catholic Church and the National Movement gave it legitimacy. Iberia, hispania, aL andalus, castile AND aragon, tHE golden AGE. It incorporated no major changes, but was designed to codify and to clarify existing practices, while allowing for some degree of reform. The Law of Succession (1947) was the first of the fundamental laws to be submitted to popular referendum.

He got those things in short order and by the end, even the head of the national Communist party was cheering, "God save the King!". Franco's political system was virtually the antithesis of the final government of the republican era-the Popular a Movie Review on Like Kissing Snow Front government. There was no vestige of power attached to this function because the law permitted Franco to legislate by decree without consulting the Cortes. The National Movement-a coalition of right-wing groups referred to as political "families"-termed a "communion" rather than a party, was designated as the sole forum for political participation. All top government officials, as well as all possible future successors to Franco, were required to pledge their loyalty to the principles embodied in this law (which was presented as a synthesis of all previous fundamental laws). The Falangist program of national syndicalism reflected the pattern of fascism prevalent in Europe during those years; nevertheless, core Falangists never played a major role in the new state. Whereas the liberal leftists and the working class elements of society had supported the Popular Front, the conservative upper classes were the mainstay of Franco's government. Towards the end of his rule, Franco sought to restore the Spanish royal family, then in exile. Foreign Policy under Franco, tHE post-franco ERA, transition to Democracy. As Franco aged, he increasingly avoided daily political affairs, preferring instead to hunt and fish. Whereas there is generally consensus among analysts in designating the regime as authoritarian, there is less agreement concerning the fascist component of Franco's Spain.