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Welcome questions from your audience When members of your audience ask you a question, it is usually because they have a genuine interest in what you are saying and want to know..
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20 21 Large numbers of people were displaced as a result of the war, and many families were divided by the reconstituted border. Korean leaders in historic talks Archived at the Wayback..
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The Mysteries of 9 11

the Mysteries of 9 11

a symbol of our freedom and independence" New York Governor George Pataki 1:08:58 The suffocating dust that engulfed Manhattan was much more than dust. Shockwave 0:37:44 A powerful blast produces what is called a "shockwave." Explosions generate extremely high compressional waves that exceed the limits of surrounding air and space, creating a violent force. The one from the top - which was actually seconds after - was heard very far away. And nor will your pots and pans. Our floor underneath literally shook. It failed completely different from Towers 1 and 2, in which the floors failed first." 1:00:22 Why Building 7?

Steel is an alloy of iron, containing added carbon for flexibility, workability and strength. 0:56:48 No plane hit Building. Great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/2001. Something else hit us to the floor. 0:21:15 Here, a 600,000-pound chunk of steel (twice the weight of a Boeing airliner) was flung 400 feet, wedging itself deep into Three World Financial Center on Vesey Street. So what, in those buildings, could have burned to make such heat? In May 2002 video Games and Memory Loss fema concluded that the building collapsed because intense fires had burned for hours, fed by thousands of gallons of diesel stored in the building. The National Institute of Standards and Technology has spent more than two years investigating Tower Seven but lead investigator Dr Shyam Sunder rejects criticism that it has been slow.